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TAMALYN is a gifted healer with over 16 years experience with distance healing and readings. She has worked extensively and long term with many clients relationships ahd healing issues. As a gifted empath, she is able to feel precisely what is happening with a person and also with their relationship. Her healing energies can remove negative forces to bring about positive change. She used healing prana, Qi, Chi and Reiki. Essential oils are also an important part of her healing. Each plant essential oil had a healing frequency that helps remove negative energies or influences in a aura. Tamalyn loves nature and bicycle riding. She lives in northern California. Part of her daily and weekly routine is the practice of Qi Gong (Wild Goose). Wild Goose Qi Gong is a very healing, uplifting practice that activates and alignes all the meridians in the physical body. It is a form of Tai Chi.

WELCOME: over 16 years of Extraordinary Healings & Readings

Customer Testimonials

4/30/2007 SouthernBelle0309 I'm so sorry we got cut off! Wow... I was very impressed. Right away, Tamalyn picked up on the energy surrounding J and me. She confirmed that we are soulmates, but gave me advice to proceed in this relationship with caution because of his obligations. No other

4/11/2007 Prophetic Healer She described the person I was calling about with so much accuracy, I couldn't believe. She even mentioned things that happened between this family member with 100 percent total accuracy. One of the best. A must call with a Healing Presence. Thanks for being the real thi

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